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NETA Exhibition and Conference held on April 29, 2000

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The NETA Exhibition & Conference

The NETA Exhibition and Conference 2000 was held on Saturday, April 29 at Boston College.

It brought together a broad range of individuals and organizations with an interest in languages, translation and/or interpreting. In addition to providing a forum for translators and interpreters, translation and voice talent agencies, publishers and other language-related organizations, this year’s event featured several noted speakers as well as a panel discussion about standards in medical translating.

Tom West, President of the American Translators Association, addressed the topic of legal translation. West is an attorney, translator and lexicographer who holds degrees in French, German and law. Other speakers were Bogumila Michalewicz (a U.N. translator and interpreter); Judge Luis Perez (of the Worcester Juvenile Court and a former legal interpreter); and Mark Schafer (a Boston literary translator and visual artist).

John Nickrosz, Eduardo H. Berinstein and Maria Paz-Avery discussed the Massachusetts Medical Interpreters Association's (MMIA) medical interpreter standards of practice and its current efforts to achieve medical interpreter certification in Massachusetts. Nickrosz is the President of MMIA. Berinstein is a certified judiciary interpreter in the U.S. court system and the director of Interpreter Services at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Paz-Avery helped develop the first college-level certificate program in medical interpreting and was instrumental in helping MMIA develop standards of practice for medical interpreters.

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