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The New England Translators Association is a professional volunteer organization of translators and interpreters. If you wish to hire a translator but are unsure of how to go about it, we suggest you read: An Introduction for Clients

The current roster of active translators is:

Patricia M. Acosta
Languages: English => Spanish
Education: Licenciatura in Plant Genetics, Licentiatura in Linguistics
Specializations: instruction manuals, business, advertising, social sciences, biology

Carine Anderson
Languages: English =>Dutch / Dutch =>English
Experience: 15 years
Education: Master's Degree in translation from Marie Haps Institute for Translators and Interpreters in Brussels, Belgium
Specializations: medical equipment, industrial manuals

Ilse Andrews
Languages: English <=> German; Greek => English
Education/Experience: M.A. linguistics; publications 50 years of translation experience
Accreditation: ATA accreditation E-G, G-E. Diploma.
Specializations: Legal (incl. patents), medical, social sciences, advertising

Maria Ascher
Languages: French => English
Education/Experience: Ph.D. Comparative Literature, Harvard; translated Marguerite Yourcenar's Dear Departed (FSG, 1992) and How Many Years (FSG, 1995), among other works
Specializations: Literary translation

Carla Ball
Languages: English/Spanish => Portuguese (Brazil)
Experience: senior translator in a publishing house; full-time freelance since 1990
Accreditation ATA certified English =>Portuguese
Specializations: business, marketing, software

Natasha Baranov
Languages: Russian <=> English, German => English
Experience: 20 years of translation experience
Specializations: legal, telecommunications, accounting, commercial and general business, refrigeration engineering

Jacqueline Benard
Languages: English <=> French
Credentials: Ecole d'Interprètes Internationaux, Belgium; Licence en traduction Français - French/English/Spanish
Specializations: "light technical," business, everyday

Annemarie Bestor
Languages: German/French => English
Education: M.A. French and English Language and Literature; M.A German Language and Literature
Specializations: medicine, law, business

Christina F. Botto
Languages: German <=> English
Experience: 18 years part-time freelance translator; German native speaker
Memberships: ATA, NETA, American Inst. of Prof. Bookkeepers
Specialization: Business, tourism, financial, and personal documents

Donna Carr
Languages: German => English
Education and Experience: M.A. in Linguistics; Freelancing since 1996
Specializations: computer software, automotive

Rosemarie Carver
Languages: German <=> English
Experience: Time, Inc., NYC, in-house translator
Specializations: literary/text work

Linda Jocelyne Charest
Languages:  English => French
Specialties:  Literary translation is really my strength.  I also do light technical translation in the marketing field: product promotion, labels, brochures, video transcripts.
Education:  Written French mastering degree (Maîtrise du français écrit), Université du Québec
Experience:  Writer of novels published in French. Twelve years of experience as a bilingual office agent in various fields.
Web site:

Christine Clayton
Languages: German <=> English
Education and Experience: M.A. (equiv.) English/German, Wilhelms-Univ., Munster, Germany; full-time translator since 1988
Specializations: medical equipment, medicine, software applications, packaging equipment, business documentation

Terence M. Coe
Web Site:
Languages: German => English
Education and Experience: B.A. in Communications/Russian; M.P.A., Monterey Institute for International Studies
Specializations: Legal, medical/pharmaceutical, computer technology

Mary Colgan-Fiscus
Languages: German => English
Education and Experience: B.S. in Chemistry; graduate studies in Chemistry
Specializations: chemistry, biomedical

Regina Correia-Branco
Languages: Portuguese <=> English; Spanish => English
Education: M.A. (candidate) Romance Languages; M.B.A.
Specializations: software documentation, medicine

Margaret Cullen
Languages: French/Spanish => English
Education: B.A. Modern Languages; M.A. French
Specializations: medicine, law, business, telecommunications

Mireille Dedios
Languages: French <=> English, German => English/French
Education: M.A. in Foreign Languages (French/English/German) from Sorbonne University, 1988; Certificate in Business German from French-German Chamber of Commerce, 1986.
Experience: 8 years experience as bilingual executive assistant/translator with French companies in U.S and 10 years experience as part time freelance translator.
Accreditation: ATA accredited French => English
Specializations: Business, communications, HR and training materials; medical/pharmaceutical (nuclear medicine) and semi-technical documents; personal and business correspondence.

Dagmar Dolatschko
Languages: German <=> English
Accreditation: Certified Translator & Interpreter by the Bavarian Ministry for Education & Culture in Munich, Germany
Specializations: business, advertising & marketing copy, technical (software & hardware), real estate

Suzanne Douville
Languages: English => French (Canadian)
Education: B.A. (translation/law) Université de Montréal (Québec, Canada)
Specializations: business, law, finance, administration, management, marketing

Dr. Jörg Drewitz
Languages: German <=> English
Education: Ph.D., English Literature, Boston College
Publications: George Eliot, Daniel Deronda, Zuerich 1994
Accreditation: ATA German <=> English
Specializations: literary, computer software and documentation, law, marketing and business, literary, scholarly

Claudia Dutra
Languages: English/Portuguese/Spanish/French/Italian <=> English/Portuguese
Specializations: law, medicine, travel, arts

Helen Eby
Languages: Spanish <=> English
Education and Experience 2 years medical school, Buenos Aires; secretarial training, Instituto Argentino de Secretarias Ejecutivas; 6 years experience as bilingual secretary.
Specializations: religious, medical, maritime, educational

Alicia Betsy Edwards
Languages: Spanish & Portuguese => English
Education: Ph.D. History of Latin America
Experience: Translator, court interpreter
Cerifications: Federally Certified Court Interpreer (Spanish)
Publication: "The Practice of Court Interpreting" (Benjamins, 1995)
Specializations: legal, telecom, hydro

Françoise Forbes
Languages: English => French
Experience Freelance translator since 1991
Specialization: software

Louis Fortier
Languages: English => French
Experience: Translator since 1985, lawyer since 1995
Credentials and Memberships: OTIAQ-certified translator, Québec Bar, Canadian Bar Association Translation Bureau (Government of Canada), certified provider for all legal specialities
Publications: Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, Civil Procedure Lexicon
Specializations: law, business, securities, finance

Valérie Franc-Houge
Languages: English => French.
Education and Experience: M.A and Ph.D Prelims in English, Sorbonne, École; Normale Supérieure competitive exam; 5 years professional experience
Specializations: humanities,telecommunications, financial, business,
marketing, management training and quality control, social sciences,

Marina Levin Frederiksen
Languages: French <=> English
Accreditation: Certificat Pratique de Français Commercial et Economique of the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris
Membership: ATA
Specializations: humanities, scientific, technical, commercial

Orrin Frink
Languages: Russian/Belarusian/Ukrainian/Bulgarian/Serbian/Croatian/Macedonian/Slovene => English
Education and experience: Ph.D Slavic Languages and Literatures, Harvard; active ATA member 1977-1997
Specializations: documents, medicine, education, law, business

Harold A. Garfinkle
Languages: Russian => English
Credentials: Honor graduate in Russian language, U.S. Army Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA; Certified Interpreter, translator, and military interrogator
Specialization: insurance, business, financial services

Lauren Gilman
Languages: Spanish <=> English
Education and Experience: Legal & Medical translation program, Bentley College; B.A. in Linguistics and Education, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Columbia
Specializations: education, social services, health care, linguistics, labor issues

Julie Saval Goetzler
Languages: French/Italian => English
Accreditation: ATA certified French => English
Specializations: general business, legal, academic, social sciences, humanities

Paul Goldman
Languages: English => French/Spanish

Peter Golisch
Languages: German <=> English, Afrikaans => English/German
Experience: 10 years experience in the fields of specialization below; reg. environmental professional, cert. environmental auditor, reg. environmental assessor
Specializations: environmental, chemical, and process engineering; metal finishing & electroplating; industrial waste water treatment; manufacturing; general business and commerce; software localization; patents and general legal

William Grimes
Credentials: ATA certified German/Russian => English
Experience: translating since 1963 from Russian, German, French, and Czech
Languages of choice: German/French => English
Specialization: patents, mechanical engineering, transportation, automotive

Julia Grindle
Languages:  English <=> Russian
Education: Teachers training college in Russia (1987-92), Special Course; 'The Theory and Practices of Translation and Interpretation' in Russia (1992)
Experience: Translator since 1990, worked for different companies, banks and as a free-lancer.
Credentials: Certified teacher/translator in Russia (English <=> Russian).
Memberships: NETA.
Specializations: law, business, banking, finance, real estate, medical, military, computers, technical, literature, music and art.

Irene J. Kastrinakis
Languages: Spanish/Greek/English <=> English/Spanish/Greek
Education/Experience: B.A. Government & International Relations, Master's in Public Administration; 12 years experience
Specializations: Web sites, medicine, health policy, law, education

Basil Kezios,
Languages: English <=> Greek; French/Italian =>Greek
Education/Experience: Simultaneous interpreting and complete desktop publishing services. Ten years full time professional translator and editor. All work is edited by a second professional prior to delivery. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, international advertising agencies and numerous translation agencies. Your source for everything Greek!
Specializations: Medical, technical, legal, software localization, onsite and online software testing
Memberships: ATA Active membership
Web site:\~cheiman

Jane Kjems
Languages: Danish/English/Norwegian/Swedish/German/French/Italian => English/Danish
Education/Experience: MALA applied linguistics; MBA international marketing
Accreditation: ATA French => English
Specializations: medicine, business, technical, multimedia, computers, literary

Andy Klatt
Languages: Spanish => English
Education/Experience: Certified Spanish => English translator by UMass; M.A. in Linguistics, SUNY Buffalo
Accreditation: ATA Spanish => English
Specializations: Social sciences, law, business, Latin American affairs

Kenneth Kronenberg
Languages: German => English
Specializations: German and German-Jewish subjects, medical, humanities, social sciences, legal, general
Medical Sample
Legal Sample
Web site: German Translator/Academic Editor

Ginger Kuenzel
Languages: German => English
Education and Experience: B.A. Political Science; Prize-winning journalist; 20 years living in Germany; 9 years technical translation for Siemens
Specializations: telecommunications, marketing, journalism, speeches, art, history

Isabel Leonard
Languages: French/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/German => English
Education/Experience: B.A. Romance languages, 1965; postgrad diploma, translation and interpreting, 1967 Accreditation: ATA certified French/Spanish => English
Specializations: medicine (specifically pharmaceuticals)

Yelena Lipatova
Languages: Russian <=> English
Education/Experience: 5-year degree in language at university in Russia; translator in Russian military plant
Specializations: medicine, literature, business, art, law

Stephanie Livermore
Web site: Francecom Technical Translations
Languages: English => French
Experience: 2 years technical translation
Specializations: computers, data transfer, telecommunications

Virginia Lizotte
Languages: French <=> English, Spanish => English
Experience: 17 years teaching French and Spanish, elementary immersion through university level

Brigitte Mackowiak
Languages: French <=> English
Specializations: literary, business, general

Monica Marcuse
Languages: English/Spanish/French <=> English/Spanish/French
Education/Experience: B.A. in Biology and Archaeology; Judicial Interpreter for Judicial Language Center since 1991; biological studies at Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela
Specializations: law, technology, computers, telecommunications, archaeology/anthropology, biology

Odile Mattiauda
Languages: English <=> French; German => French / English
Education/Experience: Native French speaker; 15 years in non-direct translation but language-related Business, 2 years as freelance
Specializations: Business, Medical Instrumentation, Jewelry, Education

Jackie Murgida
Languages: Arabic => English
Education: Ph.D. Arabic and Linguistics; more than 20 years translation-related experience
Accreditation: ATA
Specializations: politics, computers, journalism

Domenica Nieddu
Languages: English => Italian
Education/Experience: more than 12 years translation/interpretation experience
Specializations: computers, industrial, legal, machinery

Jill L. Orenstein
Languages: Spanish => English
Education: Univ. of Mass. at Boston Certificate for Spanish Translation,  HPHC Medical Interpreting Classes
Experience: Translator since 1998, worked with Spanish/English Services, Brookfield, MA
Credentials: Results of November ATA Exam and Medical Interpreting  classes Pending
Memberships: ATA, NETA
Specializations: general, medical, outdoor sports, etc.

Leo Ortiz-Minique
Languages: Spanish <=> English
Accreditations: ATA English => Spanish; federal and state certified judicial interpreter
Specializations: financial, legal, industrial, medical, and hi-tech documentation; certified court and conference interpreter

Suzanne Owen
Languages: French/German => English
Education/Experience: Masters candidate in translation
Specializations: medicine, humanities, academic

Diana Rhudick
Languages: French/Spanish => English
Accreditation: ATA certified French/Spanish => English; Certificat Pratique de Français Commercial et Economique of the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris; M.A. in Translation, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Specializations: computers, contracts, general business

Anna Maria Salmeri Pherson
Languages: French/Italian/English => Italian/English
Accreditation: ATA certified English =>Italian
Specializations: advertising, literature, fashion, cosmetics, music, cooking, legal, marketing, personal and business correspondence

Joan B. Sax, Ph.D.
Languages: French & Italian => English
Education: Ph.D. in Romance Languages, Harvard University, M.B.A. Boston University
Experience: Translator since 1962; clients include Harvard University Press, NY Review of Books, Countway Library of Harvard Medical School
Credentials: ATA-accredited French/Italian => English
Memberships: ATA, NETA
Specializations: law, business, medicine, humanities, literary

Ana Luisa Schwartz
Languages: Spanish <=> English
Experience: 5 years of translation experience
Specializations: medicine, business, advertising, education

Viktor Shevelyov
Languages: Russian/Ukrainian <=> English
Accreditation: ATA certified Russian <=> English
Experience: 35 years; 27 years translation for USSR Chamber of Commerce; 8 years translation for IMF, World Bank, and major corporations
Specializations: technology, science, economics, finance, business, law, medicine

Roger K.T. Stenlund
Languages: Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/German/French/Russian/Polish/Spanish/Icelandic/Dutch/English => Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/English
Experience: 15 years of translation experience
Specializations: technology, law, medicine

Man-yee Tang
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) <=> English
Education: M.S. in Clinical Chemistry; M.S. candidate in Computer Sciences
Experience: Translator/editor/interpreter since 1988, worked at Eagon Systems
Memberships: ATA, NETA
Specializations: technology, business, medicine
Maaike van Westen
Languages: Dutch <=> English

Bettina Velona
Languages: English<=>German
Education: B.A. in Psychology, Harvard University
Experience:4 years translation and interpretation experience; Native German
Specializations: technical, business, literary, computers, academic
Anne Vincent
Languages: English => French
Accreditation: ATA certified English => French
Education: MBA, Sorbonne; M.A. in Economics, University of Rhode Island
Specializations: finance, banking, legal, marketing

Alice Wolfe
Languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian <=> Danish, English
Education/Experience: DDS Denmark; Tech Writing Northeastern University, Boston; 1 year translation project manager; 7 years full-time translator
Specializations: medicine, dental, technical, software, hardware, general

Sandra L. Wong
Languages: French/English/Spanish <=> French/English/Spanish
Education: Applied Foreign Languages in Business, France; M.A. (equiv.) in Translation & Interpretation, Peru
Experience: full-time freelance 4 years, part-time 10 years
Memberships: ATA, NETA, NAJIT
Specializations: legal, financial, medical, marketing, advertising, technical manuals, math/science school texts

Mark Zola
Languages: Spanish => English
Specializations: ecology and the environment, passenger and freight rail transportation; machine tool technology, metal machining, steel production and fabrication; labor relations and trade union affairs
Web site: Spanish Translation * * *

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