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Directory of NETA Translators

The New England Translators Association is a professional volunteer organization of translators and interpreters. If you wish to hire a translator but are unsure of how to go about it, we suggest you read: An Introduction for Clients.
The list below is an alphabetical list of all NETA translators.
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Current roster of active translators:

Patricia M. Acosta
Languages: English => Spanish
Education: Licenciatura in Plant Genetics, Licentiatura in Linguistics
Specializations: instruction manuals, business, advertising, social sciences, biology

Setsuko Aihara
Japanese <=> English
Specializations: documents, academic, humanities
Education: M.A. in Japanese Language
Experience: author of book on translation techniques (Strategies for Reading Japanese); 15 years part-time translator; conference interpreting; 24 years university-level language instruction

Carine Anderson
Languages: English =>Dutch / Dutch =>English
Experience: 15 years
Education: Master's Degree in translation from Marie Haps Institute for Translators and Interpreters in Brussels, Belgium
Specializations: medical equipment, industrial manuals

Ilse Andrews
Languages: English <=> German; Greek => English
Education/Experience: M.A. linguistics; publications 50 years of translation experience
Accreditation: ATA accreditation E-G, G-E. Diploma.
Specializations: Legal (incl. patents), medical, social sciences, advertising, general; Transcription/translation of old German manuscripts;
Expert German diction coaching for singers and voice teachers
Interpreting: legal, medical, general - German <=> English.

Gabriela Ansari
Languages: French => English; Spanish <=> English
Education/Experience: Certificat de Langue Française 1980; BA European Cultural Studies (Franklin & Marshall College); Translation Certificate N.Y.U.; over 15 years experience
Accreditation: ATA accreditation French=> English, English => Spanish
Specializations: Medicine, dental, insurance, law, patents, business

Maria Ascher
Languages: French => English
Education/Experience: Ph.D. Comparative Literature, Harvard; translated Marguerite Yourcenar's Dear Departed (FSG, 1992) and How Many Years (FSG, 1995), among other works
Specializations: Literary translation

Carla Ball
Languages: English/Spanish => Portuguese (Brazil)
Education/Experience: BA in English language and literature, various courses in English/Portuguese; nine years of experience
Accreditation ATA accredited English =>Portuguese; member of ATA/PLD/NYCT/NETA
Specializations: international business, marketing, software, telecommunications

Natasha Baranov
Languages: Russian <=> English
Education/Experience: Moscow University, English language; more than 20 years of translation experience
Accreditation: Certified by World Evaluation Center in English
Specializations: legal, telecommunications, engineering, general business, users' manuals

Jacqueline Benard
Languages: English <=> French
Credentials: Ecole d'Interprètes Internationaux, Belgium; Licence en traduction Français - French/English/Spanish
Specializations: "light technical," business, everyday

Eduardo Berinstein
Translator and Interpreter
Languages: English <=> Spanish
Experience: 16 years of court and hospital interpreting, and written translation work
Accreditation/Memberships: ATA accreditation English => Spanish; ATA Active Member; Federally Certified Judiciary Interpreter
Specializations: Legal, Medicine, Economics

Annemarie K. Bestor
Languages: German/French => English
Education: M.A. French and English Language and Literature; M.A German Language and Literature
Specializations: medicine, law, business

Lydia Binder
Languages: Hebrew & Romanian < => English; Hebrew <=> Romanian
Education/Experience/Specializations: B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. in Microbiology, Mycology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Endocrinology, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology. Also experienced in other different disciplines of science and technology, Corporate, Banking and
Accounting translations. Will do Literature, Politics, Jewish and Israeli culture.

Fiorenza Boccali
Languages: English => French, German => French, Italian => French
Education/Experience: Native French speaker - Superior Institute for Translation & Interpretation (ISIT), Paris, France - University of Heidelberg Institute for Translation & Interpretation, Heidelberg, Germany - Business German Diploma of the German-French Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France - Full-time freelance translator & interpreter since 1998.  Tri-cultural : lived in France for 20 years, in Germany for 6 years, and of Italian origin (Florence) - Work samples and references available upon request.
Specialization: Translation of everything but financial subjects, including: technical, software applications, medical, websites, educative DVDs, publications, art...; Interpretation for local businesses in the Worcester area.

Zita Bodonyi
Languages: English <=> Hungarian

Education: degree in English literature and linguistics from ELTE, Budapest
Experience: 1 year
Specializations: Humanities, Telecommunications, Education, ESL/EFL

Yanitzia Canetti
English <=> Spanish; Spanish <=> Italian
Accreditations/Memberships: International Organization of Journalists (OIP), The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), Hispanic Women’s Literature Association (HWLA), National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), Latino Professional Network (LPN)
Education/Experience: Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master in Linguistic, Ph.D. in Literature; Author / Editor/Translator / Communications Specialist; Over 10 years of experience in writing (newspapers, magazines, children’s books, catalogs, textbooks, teacher’s guides); Over 30 books published, 2000 articles published,100 specialized book translations, 15 photographic exhibitions; Award in Literature and Journalism
Specializations: Education (Students Editions, Teacher Guides, Ancillaries...), Literature (Novel, Short Stories, Poetry, Drama), Social Studies, Art

Ana Casterán-Winkler
Languages: German/English<=> Spanish
Education: Certified Spanish-German translator, University of the Republic, Uruguay; M.A. in English-Spanish Translation, Kent State University, Ohio
Experience: freelance 7 years, in-house 1 year
Memberships: ATA, NETA
Specializations: software localization (resource files, documentation, Help systems), webpages, legal and commercial texts.

Gisele Chouinard
Languages: French<=>English
Specialization: Business, legal, academic, social sciences, literature, humanities, construction (all phases) and materials, marketing, advertising and cooking.
Education/Experience: Native French speaker, and 15 years language related business with large companies.
Memberships: American Translators Association and New England Translators Association

Christine Clayton
Languages: German <=> English
Education and Experience: M.A. (equiv.) English/German, Wilhelms-Univ., Munster, Germany; full-time translator since 1988
Specializations: medical equipment, medicine, software applications, packaging equipment, business documentation

Terence M. Coe
Web Site:
Languages: German => English
Education and Experience: BA - University of Delaware, MPA - Monterey Institute of International Studies, Institut für  Fremdsprachen und Auslandskunde (Erlangen), 20 years experience in translation. 8 years as full-time freelance.
Accreditation: ATA German-English
Legal, Commercial, IT consulting, extensive experience in SAP environment

Regina Correia-Branco
Languages: Portuguese <=> English; Spanish => English
Education: M.A. (candidate) Romance Languages; M.B.A.
Specializations: software documentation, medicine

Margaret Cullen
Languages: French/Spanish => English
Education: B.A. Modern Languages; M.A. French
Specializations: medicine, law, business, telecommunications

Mireille Dedios
Languages: French <=> English, German => English/French
Education: M.A. in Foreign Languages (French/English/German) from Sorbonne University, 1988; Certificate in Business German from French-German Chamber of Commerce, 1986.
Experience: 8 years experience as bilingual executive assistant/translator with French companies in U.S and 10 years experience as part time freelance translator.
Accreditation: ATA accredited French => English
Specializations: Business, communications, HR and training materials; medical/pharmaceutical (nuclear medicine) and semi-technical documents; personal and business correspondence.

Dagmar Dolatschko
Languages: German <=> English
Education: Masters in Translation from Sprachen- und Dolmetscher-Institut, Munich, Germany (German and English); Exams on state level: Bavarian Ministry for Education and Culture
14+ years working as a translator; also in international marketing and import / export
Accreditation: State certified translator and interpreter for German and English (Bavarian Ministry for Education and Culture)
Specializations: business, computer hardware & software, Web sites, marketing, advertising, literature

Dr. Jörg Drewitz
Languages: German <=> English
Education: Ph.D., English Literature, Boston College
Publications: George Eliot, Daniel Deronda, Zuerich 1994
Accreditation: ATA German <=> English
Specializations: literary, computer software and documentation, law, marketing and business, literary, scholarly

Peter Dreyer
Languages: English <=> German
Education / Experience: translator, German narrator (voice-over)
Specializations: business, finance, law, current events, German history

Claudia Dutra
Languages: English/Portuguese/Spanish/French/Italian <=> English/Portuguese
Specializations: law, medicine, travel, arts

Jaime Fatás Cabeza
Translator AND Interpreter
Languages: English & French => Spanish
Education/Experience: M.M. in Performance, summa cum laude, Berklee College/Boston Conserv. 1996; Profesor Superior de saxofón, Conservatorio de Zaragoza, Spain 1995; Certified Legal Interpreter/Translator, Spanish/English. The Trial Court,
Mass.1992-00; Instructor, Spanish Language and Culture. Tufts University, Medford, MA.1997-2000; Instructor, Saxophone and Performance, Tufts University, Medford, MA     1997-2000; Spanish translator for PBS 1995-2000;Trial Court of Massachusetts: Certified Legal Interpreter and Translator 1993-2000
Accreditation: Trial Court of Massachusetts
Specialization: Legal, Education, Arts and Humanities, Commercial, Financial, Technical

Charlie Fineman
Languages: Danish / French / Norwegian / Swedish => English

Françoise Forbes
Languages: English => French
Experience: Freelance translator since 1991
Specialization: software

Louis Fortier
Languages: English => French
Experience: Translator since 1985, lawyer since 1995
Credentials and Memberships: OTIAQ-certified translator, Québec Bar, Canadian Bar Association Translation Bureau (Government of Canada), certified provider for all legal specialities
Publications: Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, Civil Procedure Lexicon
Specializations: law, business, securities, finance

Valérie Franc-Houge
Languages: English => French
Education/Experience: Ecole Normale Supérieure translation training, M.A. w/high honors and Ph.D. prelims in English and American socio-linguistics from the Sorbonne, Paris. Diploma in Jazz performance (saxophone)w/honors, Berklee College of Music. 7 years of experience as a professionnal translator/editor. Some works published. Native French translator.
Specializations: Financial, legal, telecommunications, medical , NGO, management training and quality control, technical, literature and the arts.

Irja A. Frank
Languages: English/German/Swedish => Finnish; Finnish/German/Swedish => English
Education and Experience: Native Finnish speaker, lived 12 years in Switzerland, 16 years in the USA; graduate degrees in Economics from a Swiss and an English University. Part-time freelance translator.
Accreditation: ATA accredited English => Finnish
Specializations: Economics, business, banking, literature

Marina Levin Frederiksen
Languages: French <=> English
Education: B.A. in Romance Languages & Literatures, Harvard University; M.A. in Comparative Literature, Harvard University; Fulbright Fellowship, The Sorbonne
Experience: 25 years in Translation; client organizations include Bolt Beranek and Newman, Boston Public Schools, Educational Testing Service, Environmental Protection Agency, William L. Shirer Estate
Certificat Pratique de Français Commercial et Economique of the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris
Membership: ATA, NETA
Specializations: humanities, social sciences, history, literature, law, business, general

Orrin Frink
Languages: Russian/Belarusian/Ukrainian/Bulgarian/Serbian/Croatian/Macedonian/Slovene => English
Education and experience: Ph.D Slavic Languages and Literatures, Harvard; active ATA member 1977-1997
Specializations: documents, medicine, education, law, business

Paul García
Languages: Spanish<=>English
Experience: B.A. and M.A. in English; Linguistics, Boston University and Universidad de Puerto Rico (Río Piedras); have worked in México, Puerto Rico and Spain +/- 15 years; various publications in Eng./Spa, and 20 years experience teaching both; have run my translating/interpreting business since 1990.
Specialization: Law and Business; Accounting; Banking; Civil Procedure; Contracts; Criminal Procedure; Intellectual Property; and Securities Law.

Peter Golisch
Languages: German <=> English, Afrikaans => English/German
Experience: 10+ years translation/interpreting in the following subject fields:
Specialization: Environmental, chemical and process engineering; metal finishing & electroplating; industrial wastewater treatment; manufacturing; general business and commerce; software localization; patents and general legal

Piotr Graff
Languages: Polish<=> English
Education / Experience: PhD + Habilitation from Warsaw University; over 30 years experience as translator and conference interpreter
Accreditation: ATA accreditation English => Polish, accredited Polish Translators Assn. Warsaw, U.S. Department of State contractor, qualified interpreter Federal Court system
Specializations: Agriculture - Aviation - Banking - Biochemistry - Commerce - Computing - Defense/Military - Economics - Energy - Engineering - Environment - Financial - Human Resources - Industrial - Law - Manufacturing - Marketing/Sales - Patents - Social Sciences - Technology - Telecomm - Training

William Grimes
Credentials: ATA accredited German/Russian => English
Experience: translating since 1963 from Russian, German, French, and Czech
Languages of choice: German/French => English
Specialization: patents, mechanical engineering, transportation, automotive

Julia Grindle
Languages:  English <=> Russian
Education: Teachers training college in Russia (1987-92), Special Course; 'The Theory and Practices of Translation and Interpretation' in Russia (1992)
Experience: Translator since 1990, worked for different companies, banks and as a free-lancer.
Credentials: Certified teacher/translator in Russia (English <=> Russian).
Memberships: NETA.
Specializations: law, business, banking, finance, real estate, medical, military, computers, technical, literature, music and art.

Rudolf Heller
Languages: English => Spanish
Experience: 30 years experience
Accreditations: ATA accredited; Massachusetts Courts accredited; United States Federal Courts accredited
Specializations: Legal, technical, advertising, video and audio scripts, patient education, pharmaceutical
Web site:

Joseph Hitti
Translator / Interpreter
Languages: Arabic, French, English <=> Arabic, French, English
Accreditations: ATA Accreditation (Arabic => English); Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris (Business French)
Education/Experience: PhD molecular biology, MBA (Bentley College), Senior Scientist in Genomics/Biotech. Eight years of experience. Sample jobs: Public offering prospectus (Arabic => English); Univ of Paris doctoral dissertation in Political Geography (French => English); Dialect Coach (Arnold Schwarzenegger, True Lies), Writer/translator for an ethnic-American national organization (press releases, position papers, etc., English-French-Arabic). Personal official documents (birth/death/baptismal/marriage/divorce certificates, degrees, transcripts... Arabic, French).
Specializations: General, political, media/journalistic, technical (biotech/biochem), business, social/humanities, travel. Court interpretation (immigration & political asylum hearings), witness depositions (insurance claims).

Inese Ignatovich
Languages: English <=> Latvian; French => Latvian
Education/Experience: BA Degree, 5+ years as a freelance translator
Specializations: Law, Technical, Business, Medical

Irene J. Kastrinakis
Languages: Spanish/Greek/English <=> English/Spanish/Greek
Education/Experience: B.A. Government & International Relations, Master's in Public Administration; 12 years experience
Specializations: Web sites, medicine, health policy, law, education

Noriko Kinjo

Languages: Japanese <=> English
Education and experience: BA in Clinical Psychology; M.Ed in Counseling Education
Translation/interpretation since 1992; Conference/court interpreter
Accreditation: Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Certified Human Service coordinator
Specialization: Medicine (especially psychiatry, pharmacology, oncology), Health & nutrition, legal, Science/business in general, engineering

Jane Kjems
Languages: Danish/English/Norwegian/Swedish/German/French/Italian => English/Danish
Education/Experience: MALA applied linguistics; MBA international marketing
Accreditation: ATA French => English
Specializations: medicine, business, technical, multimedia, computers, literary

Andy Klatt
Languages: Spanish => English
Education/Experience: Certified Spanish => English translator by UMass; M.A. in Linguistics, SUNY Buffalo, four years experience
Accreditation: ATA Spanish => English
Social Sciences, Humanities, Educational Materials, Business, Labor Relations, Journalism, Semi-technical, International History and Politics, International Relations, Development
Web site:

Anna Kondyli
Languages: Greek, French, English => Greek, French
Education: Diploma of Trilingual Translator of Strasbourg University, Training for Conference Interpretation. 6 years of experience in translation and Interpretation.
Specialization: medicine, law, technology, education, energy, management, administration,environment.

Dr. Diana Kristo
Lanugages: English<>Albanian
Education/Experience: Translator and interpreter since 1970; Assoc. Prof. Dr.; ATA member
Specializations: medical, law enforcement, legal, immigration, education, administration, journalism, etc.

Kenneth Kronenberg
Languages: German => English
: Medical, humanities, social sciences, legal, general; German and German-Jewish subjects Author/translator: Lives and Letters of an Immigrant Family: the Van Dreveldts’ Experiences Along the Missouri, 1844-186 (University of Nebraska Press, 1998)
Medical Sample
Legal Sample
Web site: German Translator/Academic Editor

Ginger Kuenzel
Languages: German => English
Education/Experience: B.A. Political Science; prize-winning journalist; bi-cultural (lived in Germany for 20 years); 10 years technical translation in telecommunication field
Specializations: telecommunications, marketing, journalism, speeches, art, history

Isabel Leonard
Languages: French/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/German => English
Education/Experience: B.A. Romance languages, 1965; postgrad diploma, translation and interpreting, 1967 Accreditation: ATA accredited French/Spanish => English
Specializations: medicine (specifically pharmaceuticals)

Stephanie Livermore
Web site: Francecom Technical Translations
Languages: English => French
Experience: 2 years technical translation
Specializations: computers, data transfer, telecommunications

John Lubin
Languages: Italian, French, Portuguese; Note: recruiter of translators for all languages

Greta Magenis
Languages: German <=> English
Accreditation: Certified Translator, Dolmetscher-Fachschule Stuttgart, Germany
Memberships: ATA and NETA
Specializations: business and commerce, technical documentation,computers, general

William J. Manthey
Languages: Russian => English
Education/Experience: PhD in physics, full-time freelance translator since 1990. Editor of translated scientific journal for 9 years.
Specializations: Science (especially physics and optics), engineering,
patents, forestry, petroleum.

Vivien Marx
German <=> English, French => English
Experience: Two books, many texts. Writing, researching, editing, translating. Voice-overs in English and in German. Production and post-production of voice-overs for many documentaries and radio pieces.
Specializations: medicine, science, technology, engineering, travel, business

Evelyn A. McCarthy
Translator and Interpreter
Languages: Spanish <=> English
Education: BSBA, JD
Accreditation: UMASS-Boston Translation Certificate; state certified judicial interpreter
Memberships: NETA, ATA (in process), MMIA
Experience: Native speaker (lived in Puerto Rico for 10 years); Translating/Interpreting 20 years, 10 free-lance; 5 years teaching Spanish
Specializations: law, business, general documents (birth/marriage certificates); education (translated chapters in book on teaching Spanish to 1 and 2 graders)
Interpreting: legal, medical, general Spanish<=>English

Jackie Murgida
Languages: Arabic => English
Education: Ph.D. Arabic and Linguistics; more than 20 years translation-related experience
Accreditation: ATA
Specializations: politics, computers, journalism

Laura Rocha Nakazawa
Languages: English<=>Spanish
Education: B.S. Environmental Health.
Accreditation: Certificate in Court Interpreting
Specializations: Software localization, medical instrumentation, equipment manuals, drug study protocols, video scripts, general promotional materials, education, technical;
Medical, immigration, escort and conference interpreter. Voice-over recordings.

M. Gabriela Nanni
Translator and Interpreter
Languages: English => Spanish
Education: Bachelor´s Degree in Biochemistry; English Language Studies Diploma (Cultural Inglesa Argentina).
Credentials: ATA associate member, NETA member, NCA accredited member.
Specializations: Medicine, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Laboratory equipment, General.

Jill L. Orenstein
Languages: Spanish, Portuguese => English
Education: Univ. of Mass. at Boston Certificate for Spanish Translation,  HPHC Medical Interpreting Classes
Experience: Translator since 1998, worked with Spanish/English Services, Brookfield, MA
Credentials: Results of November ATA Exam and Medical Interpreting classes Pending
Memberships: ATA, NETA
Specializations: general business documents, safety instructions, semi-technical pharmaceutucal and medical, health care, educational materials, operation and instruction manuals, agricultural issues, photography, mountaineering, travel

Leo Ortiz-Minique
Languages: Spanish <=> English
Accreditations: ATA English => Spanish; federal and state certified judicial interpreter
Specializations: financial, legal, industrial, medical, and hi-tech documentation; certified court and conference interpreter  

Suzanne Owen
Languages: French/German => English
B.A. cum laude, French and German, Wellesley College; M.A. in Translation, Brandeis University; 8 years experience in the medical field (as a transcriptionist and office manager)
Specializations: Medicine, pharmaceuticals, humanities, academic, literary

Publications: English translation of "Das Duell" by Irmtraud Morgner published in DELOS (U. of Florida Press), summer 1997

Katia Parker
Languages: English => Portuguese
Education/Experience: Bachelor in Arts and Communications
Specializations: Journalism, arts and entertainment, marketing, editor,
voice over, instruction

Philip Patzkowski
Languages: Spanish <=> English; Russian => English
Education / Experience: B.S. in Spanish and Russian / University of Iowa
Specializations: General

Louise Popkin
Languages: Spanish <=> English
Education / Experience: Translator since 1975; A.B., Spanish literature.; M.A.Ibero-American Area Studies (esp. Literature,Linguistics and Anthropology), PhD., Spanish Language, Spanish and Latin American Literature
Accreditation: ATA Spanish <=> English
Specializations: literature (all genres), academic texts in the humanities

Diana Rhudick
Languages: French/Spanish => English
Accreditation: ATA accredited French/Spanish => English; Certificat Pratique de Français Commercial et Economique of the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris; M.A. in Translation, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Specializations: computers, contracts, general business

Euridice Rivas-Ringquist
Languages: English =>Spanish
Experience: Have worked seven years as Spanish translator and interpreter at Brigham and Women's Hospital. And one year for a company that translates software:The Everyware Group.
Specializations: Arts and Humanities, Entertainment, Healthcare, Nontraditional Medicine,
Nutrition, Social Sciences.

Robert Rockwell, Ph.D.
Languages: German => English
Education: Ph.D. in German language and literature, Washington University in St. Louis, 4 plus years of study and teaching in Berlin, Hamburg, Marburg, and Wust.
Specializations: Literary and scholarly

Miguel A. Rojas
Languages: English => Spanish
Education / Experience: translator and interpreter since 1985; BA
Accreditation: ATA Member English => Spanish
Specializations: Human services, Medical, Financial, Marketing, Voice-over

Antje Ruppert-Bousquet
German <=> English
Specializations: SW localization, technical, automotive, IT, business, websites, advertisement, film/photography, cosmetics, sports, medical
Web site:

Joan B. Sax, Ph.D.
Languages: French & Italian => English
Education: Ph.D. in Romance Languages, Harvard University, M.B.A. Boston University
Experience: Translator since 1962; clients include Harvard University Press, NY Review of Books, Countway Library of Harvard Medical School
Credentials: ATA-accredited French/Italian => English
Memberships: ATA (Administrator, French Language Division), NETA
Specializations: law, business, medicine, humanities, literary

Ella Shmulevich
Languages: Russian <=> English, French => Russian
Education/Experience: MA in English language and literature; 15 years of experience
Accreditation: ATA-accredited English => Russian
Specializations: software documentation, law, health care, medical equipment, advertising, humanities, politics, etc.
Web site:

Viktor Shevelyov
Languages: Russian <=> English, Ukrainian => English
Education/Accreditation: MA (English Language and literature), ATA accredited Russian <=> English
Experience: 37 years; 27 years translation for USSR Chamber of Commerce; 8 years translation for IMF, World Bank, and major corporations
Specializations: Economics, finance, business, law, science, mechanical and electrical engineering, chemistry, geology, petroleum engineering, construction, etc.

Roger K.T. Stenlund
Languages: Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/German/French/Russian/Polish/Spanish/Icelandic/Dutch/English => Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/English
Experience: 15 years of translation experience
Specializations: technology, law, medicine

Man-yee Tang
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) <=> English
Education: M.S. in Clinical Chemistry; M.S. candidate in Computer Sciences
Experience: Translator/editor/interpreter since 1988, worked at Eagon Systems
Memberships: ATA, NETA
Specializations: technology, business, medicine

Teresa Triana
Languages: English => Spanish
Accreditation: ATA English => Spanish
Specializations: Medicine, biochemistry, microbiology, laboratory science.

Maaike van Westen
Languages: Dutch <=> English
Accreditation: ATA accreditation English into Dutch
Specializations: Business (marketing and PR), software, medical instruments, machinery

Bettina Velona
Languages: English<=>German
Education: B.A. in Psychology, Harvard University
Experience: translator / interpreter since 1995; Native German
Specializations: business, technical, computer software, legal

Anne Vincent
Languages: English => French
Accreditation: ATA accredited English => French
Education: MBA, Sorbonne; M.A. in Economics, University of Rhode Island
Specializations: finance, banking, legal, marketing
Experience: Native French speaker; 6 years in the financial and banking industry; 7 years as a freelance translator

Sandra L. Wong
Languages: French/English/Spanish <=> French/English/Spanish
Education: Applied Foreign Languages in Business, France; M.A. (equiv.) in Translation & Interpretation, Peru
Experience: full-time freelance 4 years, part-time 10 years
Memberships: ATA, NETA, NAJIT
Specializations: legal, financial, medical, marketing, advertising, technical manuals, math/science school texts

Mark Zola
Languages: Spanish => English
Specializations: ecology and the environment, passenger and freight rail transportation; machine tool technology, metal machining, steel production and fabrication; labor relations and trade union affairs
Web site: Spanish Translation

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